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  • RM 3548 misura
  • RM 3548 kit

RM3548 - Handheld digital 4¾ digits milliohmeter

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Resistance meter for immediate field tests, such as on transport systems and electronic transformers for the control of connections and wiring of power lines, electrical lines and data management on electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and aircraft. The structure is very simple and intuitive.

RM3548 is an excellent application from 0.000mΩ to 3.5000 with a test load up to 1A, with a measurement accuracy of 0.02%, on an application range from 0.000mΩ to 3.5000MW.

This is the way in which this process is referred to. / winding according to the reference resistivity of the conductive material.

RM3548 has an internal memory for recording 1000 pages of measurement. Through the USB interface and the RM-Logger software it is also possible to acquire the measurement data in a PC convert the file in CSV format for spreadsheet (Excel, Open Office, etc ...)


  • Measure from 0,0 µΩ (@ 1A) to 3,5 MΩ
  • Easily record up to 1000 data points in memory simply by applying the instrument’s probe
  • Smoothly capture temperature-rise test data using interval measurement
  • Portable design is ideal for maintenance and testing of large equipment
  • High-precision specs in a portable package
  • No warm-up period or zero adjustment required
  • Dramatically improved overvoltage resistance (protection up to 70V DC)
  • Auto-hold and auto-memory functionality
  • Led comparator attachment
  • Acquire measured values recorded in the instrument’s memory over a USB connection 


  • Temperature correction
  • Temperature conversion
  • Offset voltage compensation (OVC)
  • Comparator (PASS/FAIL)
  • Length conversion
  • Judgment sound setting
  • Auto-hold
  • Auto power saver (APS)

What's included

  • RM3548
  • LR6 alkaline battery x8
  • Instruction manual
  • USB cable (A-to-mini B)
  • Strap
  • Extra fuse


A warranty of the duration of 1 year is provided.

1 Item
Response time
10 to 1000ms (7 settings)
Battery life
DC 1.5V x8 (LR6 alkaline battery x8)
From -10°C to +40°C
H:192 mm L:121 mm P:55 mm
0,77 kg
USB 2.0
Manual, automatic or interval memory. Number of recordable data point: up to 1000 (auto/manual), up to 6000 (interval). Interval: 0.2 to 10.0 seconds
20-80% RH
LCD with 35000 counts
Control system
Resistance measurement ranges, measurement speed, average, comparator, judgment sound, scaling, temperature correction (TC), auto-hold, zero-adjust
Resistance: 0.0000mΩa (3mΩa range) to 3.500MΩ
Temperature (thermistor): from -10.0°C to +99.9°C
Measurement method
4-terminal direct current (constant current), banana plug
Within ±3% f.s. of each range (f.s. 30,000 dgt)

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