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IM3536 - LCR meter

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IM3536 is a "general purpose" LCR bridge that adapts to a wide range of applications, from research and development on new components, to laboratory tests and to production line controls. The strength of the IM3536 model is the wide frequency regulation spectrum: from the DC resistance measurement to a continuously programmable test frequency from 4Hz to 8MHz.

  • Programmable voltage from 10 mV to 5 V and current from 10 microA to 100 mA.
  • Excellent basic accuracy ± 0.05%, 1msec response speed.
  • Color touch screen display.
  • Check-in function of the good contact of the measurement terminals.
  • Wide range of connectivity: LAN, USB, RS 232, EXT I / O as standard.
  • Internal memory for recording 32000 test values, supplied PC software.

Main functions: impedance, admittance, phase angle, resistance (series or parallel) and DC resistance. Frequency bandwidth DC and from 42 Hz to 5MHz, basic accuracy ±0,05%, response speed 1msec.

LCR meter IM3536: the new standard

  • Introducing an LCR meter that brings exceptional specifications and cost performance to a wide range of applications, from R&D to production lines.
  • High speed stability.
  • Raising the bar for basic performance: high accuracy (±0,05% rdg) and high speed (1ms, fastest time).
  • Guaranteed accuracy range from 1 mΩ.
  • Low-impedance measurement with unmatched repeatability.

Applications in development evaluation and research

  • Ideal for use in R&D work requiring a wide range of measurement conditions and for evaluation of devices under conditions of actual use.
  • DB bias function: measure under conditions simulating actual use or in accordance with industry standards.
  • Calculate conductivity and the dielectric constant.
  • Evaluate samples that exhibit signal dependence using free application software.

Increase convenience and efficiency

  • Simplifying the process of building production lines.
  • Perform two jobs with one instrument to save space and speed up the process of build system.
  • Display saved panels as a list and load them quickly.
  • Analyze the data you need on a computer quickly and easily.
  • Improved protective functionality to reduce maintenance downtime.

Delivering reliability for production-line testing

  • Functionality supporting more accurate measurement.
  • Compensate for anticipated errors.
  • Low-Z high-accuracy mode for increasing the maximum applied current.
  • Contact check function.
  • Hi-Z reject function.
  • Improve measurement precision with the waveform averaging function.

Access an extensive range of interfaces

  • EXT. I/O (LCR mode)
  • BCD
Interfaces (USB, GP-IB, LAN, RS-232C)

What’s included

  • IM3536
  • Power cord
  • Instruction manual
  • LCR application disc


A warranty of the duration of 1 year is provided.

1 Item
Impedance: ±0,01% of setting or less
From 0°C to +40°C
H:330 mm L:120 mm P:230 mm
4,2 kg
From 1mΩ to 200MΩ
From 4Hz to 8MHz
EXT I/O (handler), USB, USB flash drive, LAN, GP-IB, RS-232C
Rated supply voltage: 100 to 240 VAC. Rated supply frequency: 50/60Hz
Measurement result items (maximum 32000 items) can be saved to the instrument. Memory can be read using communications command or a USB flash drive.
5,7 inch color display with touch panel, on/off function
Monitor voltage range: 0.000V to 5.000V. Monitor current range: 0.00mA to 100.0mA
Control system
Measurement conditions: up to 60. Compensation values: up to 128.
Impedance, admittance, phase angle, reactance, conductance, susceptance, DC resistance, conductivity, permittivity and others more
Measurement method
LCR mode: measurement using a single set of conditions. Continuous measurement mode: continuous measurement using previously saved conditions.

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