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IM3523 - LCR meters

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Instrument specially designed for the on-line production test due to its flexibility: it carries out measurements in DC and with a continuously variable frequency from 40 Hz to 200 kHz. Base accuracy 0.05%, response time 2 ms.

Particularly suitable for the testing of inductors, capacitors, transformers, and inductive / resistive / capacitive components in general.

Simple configuration through the keypad with numeric keypad and function keys. Programmable comparators. As an option, LAN or RS232 or GP-IB interfaces are available. EXT I / O interface available as standard. Internal memory for recording 32000 test values. Available a wide selection of accessories for testing electronic components and discrete components.

Basic performance

  • High-speed, high-accuracy, and easy-to-use
  • Wide measurement frequency range
  • Wide setting range for measurement voltage and current
  • Basic accuracy ±0.05%
  • Accuracy guaranteed at measurement cables of up to 4 meters
  • 15 parameters can be measured
  • Fastest measurement time 2 ms

Functions and features for LCR measurements on production lines

  • Contact check function incorporated
  • Protection against charged capacitors
  • Continuous measurement under different measurement conditions

Integration into production lines and automated machinery

  • Easy setup using a numeric keypad on a simple, easy-to-read monochrome LCD
  • Compact size ideal for integration into production lines and automated machinery
  • Comparator
  • BIN measurement

Functions and features suitable for measurements and inspection on production lines

  • Auto-range control function
  • Individual items of two continuous measurements can be output from EXT I/O

Functions and features to reduce the time needed to prepare for measurement

  • Limit-linked range setting and range-linked setting function
  • OPEN/SHORT compensation area setting function

Capacitors and inductors

  • C-D + ESR measurement of Capacitors
  • Rdc and L-Q measurement of Inductors (Coils and Transformers)

Linking to PC: capturing measurement data

  • Connecting to a PC via USB
  • Connecting to a PC or PLC via RS-232C, LAN, or GP-IB (select one option) connection
  • Handler (EXT I/O) interface

What's included

  • IM3523
  • Power cord
  • Instruction manual
  • CD-R (Communication Instruction Manual and Sample Software)


A warranty of the duration of 1 year is provided.

Response time
2ms (1kHz, FAST, display off)
Impedance: ±0,05% rdg
From 0°C to +40°C
H:260 mm L:88 mm P:203 mm
3 kg
From 40Hz to 200kHz (1mHz to 10 Hz steps)
From 100mΩ to 100MΩ, 10 ranges
EMC: EN61326-1, Safety standard: EN61010
EXT I/O (handler), USB, USB flash drive, LAN, GP-IB, RS-232C
Rated supply voltage: 100 to 240 VAC. Rated supply frequency: 50/60Hz
Stores 32.000 data items to the memory of the instrument
Monochrome LCD, number of digits can be set from 3 to 6
Impedance, admittance, phase angle, reactance, conductance, susceptance, DC resistance, conductivity, permittivity and others more
Measurement method
LCR mode: measurement using a single set of conditions. Continuous measurement mode: continuous measurement using previously saved conditions.

Specific References