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PW3335 - RS232 Wattmeter

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Digital wattmeter for analysis on single-phase equipment specially designed to analyze the consumption of electronic equipment in "stand-by". Can be used on any single-phase device to measure all electrical parameters with particular reference to the consumption of electricity.

Suitable for making measurements even on equipment operating in direct current. Thanks to the high bandwidth of 100 kHz it also correctly measures strongly distorted signals such as, for example, electronic equipment, appliances equipped with variable speed drives or switching power supplies, etc...

1-channel wattmeter with LAN and RS232, direct inputs in voltage up to 60 mV up to 1000 V and in current from 10 μA up to 30 A. It can also take measurements on equipment characterized by very high consumption, thanks to the possibility to connect sensors external current (version PW3335-03) for current measurements up to 5000 A.

High basic accuracy 0.1% Perform complete harmonic analysis up to the 50th order. Calculation of the active and reactive energy consumed High visibility of the measured data thanks to the LED display. Computer connectivity through LAN interface as standard on all models. Sturdy and compact, it is frequently used also in the production line.

Main features

  • High-accuracy measurement of standby to operating power
  • Wide measurable range: 10 µA to 30 A, 60 mV to 1000 V
  • Basic accuracy for voltage, current and power: ±0,1%
  • High-accuracy measurement eve for equipment with low power factors: ±0,01% f.s. power factor effect
  • Standby power consumption: built-in harmonic measurement
  • Measure up to 5000A AC: built-in external sensor input terminals

What's included

  • PW3335
  • Power cord
  • Instruction manual
  • Voltage and current input terminal safety cover


A warranty of the duration of 1 year is provided.

Basic accuracy (45Hz to 66Hz): voltage/current/power ±0,1% rdg, ±0,05% f.s.
Basic accuracy (DC): voltage/current/power ±0,1% rdg, ±0,1% f.s.
From 0°C to +40°C
H:210 mm L:100 mm P:245 mm
3 kg
From 6V to 1000V, from 1mA to 20A
LAN, RS-232C
700 kHz digital sampling
7-segment LED, up to 6 digits, update-rate 200ms
Measurement method
Single-phase 2-wires (1P2W)

Specific References