ZTS 500N - Dinamometro digitale

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The ZT series of dynamometers are excellent digital handheld instruments for force measurement, easy to use, with high acquisition speed (2kHz), high sensitivity and excellent precision. They can be installed on stands, machinery or instruments for mechanical tests; they can be used on production lines or outdoors, since they can work with rechargeable batteries for over 8 hours.

Standard Features

  • Display visible even in the dark
  • Multilingual settings menu in English
  • 2000 Hz sampling rate
  • Limits with acoustic warnings and warning lights
  • Ergonomic design in die-cast aluminum
  • With capacity max. up to 500N
  • Resistance to overload up to 200% f.s.
  • Internal memory records up to 1000 values
  • It transmits data to the PC via USB
  • USB, RS-232C, Digimatic and Analog outputs
  • Reading values ​​in real time or mod. peak
  • Internal rechargeable NiMh battery


Digital dynamometers for mechanical tests. The handheld unit is made of die-cast aluminum painted with fire, while the ergonomic shape of the shell offers a comfortable grip, made stable by two side bands in non-slip rubber. The internal sensor is a high-precision bidirectional load cell for tensile and direct compression tests.

Memory and data outputs

Internal non-volatile memory, with the possibility of recording up to 1000 numeric values ​​that can be recalled on the display or with data transmission on a PC or a Mitutoyo printer with report. The instrument is supplied as standard with USB data outputs, RS232C, Mitutoyo digimatic, 2 VDC analog output (D / A), 3-threshold comparator (-NG / OK / + NG). The advanced ZTA model also allows the connection of a USB flash drive to record instrument measurements inside.

Tare and overload protection

The instrument allows the values ​​to be reset by pressing a key (up to 10% of the flow) and automatic zeroing at adjustable intervals (from 1 to 25 seconds). It is also designed with an overload resistance of up to 200% of full scale without damage. The instrument flashes with a special LED of over 110% of the range and, if connected to the MX, MX2 and EMX series, in case of overload it sends a stop signal to the stand

Display and functions

A large digital display also visible in the dark shows the reading of the values ​​in real time or the still image on the maximum value reached, if the peak function is set. The display can be customized at the discretion of the operator who can choose which functions to display at the top and bottom of the screen. The high sampling rate and data acquisition rate (2000 data / sec) allows very rapid measurements to be measured with great accuracy. The display is updated 10 times per second and can indicate the direction of the vector, the unit of measure, the function of recording the peak, the status of the batteries, as well as the date and time. A robust and simple membrane keyboard allows you to set and adjust all the functions of the instrument such as the tare, the unit of measure, the control limits, the memorization of a value, the activation of the peak recording function, data transmission, sampling filter, acoustic warnings or inversion of the display to read the results even with the instrument upside down when mounted on the stands.

Supply kit

The dynamometers are sold complete with a carrying case made of rigid plastic shockproof material with carrying handle, a power supply / charger such as mobile phones, rechargeable NiMh batteries and some small accessories. The kit also includes a 1.5m USB cable, a CD-ROM with USB drivers and a simple software in English (ZT-Logger) to recall the data stored in the instrument and save them on a PC and a certificate of inspection of the manufacturer . Through the USB connection, the software transfers 10 data per sec. to the PC allowing to save them in a CSV format. Furthermore, all internal memories of a dynamometer can be recalled on the PC at once and the corresponding statistical values ​​can be calculated. Measurement efficiency can be improved by setting the dynamometer functions directly from the computer.
+/- 0,2 % del F.S. +/- 1 digit
Battery life
Up to 8 hours of battery life, the message BATT flashes on the display when the charge is low
Data logging
2000 data/sec at maximum
From 0°C to +40°C
H:191 mm L:75 mm P:34 m
USB and ± 2 V DC analog output
Via 230V power supply
Measurements Units
N, kgf, lbf
Internal non-volatile memory, with the possibility of recording up to 1000 numeric values ​​that can be recalled on the display or with data transmission on a PC via USB or Mitutoyo printer
4-digit OLED digital display, membrane keypad with push-button sounder, polycarbonate display protection glass
Safe overload rating
Resistance to overload up to 200% of F.S. The instrument flashes with a special LED of over 110% of the range

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