FCA-DSV 50N - Food hardness testing unit

FCA-DSV 50N - Food hardness testing unit

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FCA-DSV 50N - Food hardness testing unit

FCA-DSV 50N - Food hardness testing unit



This simple test bench is ideal for measuring food hardness. It is suitable for performing compression tests on bread dough, meat, vegetables, etc. The position of the lever and the compression distance are easily adjustable. The system allows you to perform repeatable and precise measurements at a very advantageous price. The unit includes a manual stand with lever actuator model FCA-50N, a digital dynamometer DSV-50N and a measuring device to be chosen between a wedge or flat probe (choose the appropriate coupling). The test bench is made entirely of stainless steel for easy cleaning. It is light, easily transportable and represents an ideal solution for all those companies that need to test the consistency of food products directly in the laboratory or on the production line.

Standard Features

  • To test the consistency of foods
  • Simple to use and quick to clean
  • Entirely in stainless steel
  • Adjustable compression distance
  • Adjustable lever position
  • Ideal in the laboratory or in the production line
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • With capacity max. up to 50 N
  • Allows repeatable and precise measurements
  • Sample rate of 1000 Hz
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Wide range of test devices

Hardness Tester

EASE OF USE - The system is designed to be easy to use and easy to clean. The stainless steel structure and its lightness make it ideal in production line as in the laboratory.

ADJUSTABLE DISTANCE - The stand has an adjustable analogue travel limiter that allows you to set the compression distance.

ONLY 4 STEP - To perform a test, only 4 steps are sufficient. Position the sample, adjust the height of the lever, adjust the compression distance and pull the lever. The wing nut on the front side allows to fix the height of the lever and the compression distance.


Manual lever-operated stand designed for compression tests. The stand is made of stainless steel with the utmost attention to detail. It is robust and reliable, requires no maintenance and thanks to its low weight it is also easily transportable. The basic platform is generous in size and allows you to accommodate even large specimens. On the vertical upright there is an analog linear scale with the millimeters indicated that allows to limit the travel of the crossbar to the distance set by the operator. The stand does not require mechanical adapters to mount the IMADA dynamometers of the DS2 series. Besides the dynamometer, the system is supplied with a compression plate or a wedge device.

Dynamometer operation

Digital dynamometer for mechanical tests of the DS2 series. On the top a small cylindrical threaded shank protrudes with a M6 pitch connected directly to the measurement sensor of the Force that is protected inside; on the threaded part it is possible to screw hooks, plates, clamps or other accessory devices for the execution of the test. The handheld unit is made of die-cast painted aluminum. The dynamometer is equipped with an easy-to-read LCD display with large numbers; presents the values ​​measured in the chosen unit of measure (lb, kg or Newton), the direction of the Force vector (tension or compression), the indication of the operating mode (reading of the values ​​in real time or freeze on the maximum value reached) and the status of internal rechargeable NiMH batteries. A simple membrane keyboard allows you to set all the operating parameters, such as the low / high limits of the digital comparator. The instrument allows the values ​​to be zeroed by pressing a key (up to 10% of the flow) to balance the weight of any accessories. It is also designed with an overload resistance of up to 200% of full scale without damage. The instrument flashes with a special LED of over 110% of the range.

What's included

  • DSV-50N Dynamometer
  • Manual stand FCA-50N
  • Manual, assembly screws, inspection certificate
±2% F.S. ± 1 digit
Battery life
10 hours (recharge time: 10h)
From 0°C to +40°C
Sample height: 50-80 mm
3 kg
Measurements Units
N, kgf, lbf
20-80% RH
Max. 50N
Safe overload rating
Resistance to overload up to 200% of F.S. The instrument flashes with a special LED of over 110% of the range
Stroke pre-settable by the operator 0 ~ 45 mm

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