If you're looking for a smart way to manage industrial measuring instruments without a large initial investment, Comastri Distribution's operational rental is the ideal solution. Unlike the traditional purchase model, we offer you the opportunity to innovate through rental, allowing us to use the instruments until the next technology renewal cycle. Through technology renewal, we are able to offer used instrumentation at very favorable conditions and from a sustainable perspective as well, incorporating the "as-a-service" model.

The operational rental...

  • eliminates the requirement to own equipment until obsolescence.
  • allows you to have a low financial commitment, with no purchase constraint.
  • provides you with flexibility with respect to business needs.

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All the advantages of operational rental


  • Use of up-to-date equipment without concern for obsolescence.
  • Planned technology renewal.


  • Certain costs scheduled for a defined period (18-60 months).
  • Ancillary services included in the fee: insurance, maintenance, transportation, calibrations, installation and testing.


  • Improving cash flow and solving cash flow and budget problems.
  • Unbudgeted asset with deductibility of rent and possibility of redemption.

At the end of the rental period you will be able to:

  • Return the machines and enter into a new rental agreement.
  • Renew the contract for another 12 months with revised fees.
  • Redeem the goods.

In addition to operational rental, we also offer advantageous terms for traditional short-term rental of our industrial measuring instruments. Both types of rental offer various operational, management and financial advantages. Want to find out which solution is right for you?

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