List of products by brand Ion Science

Ion Science manufactures gas detection, leak detection and corrosion monitoring equipment.

Ion Science are ISO9001:2008 certified and we are actively implement our management system for the continuous improvement of processes to enable us to provide our customers with the best possible products and services. We aim to be a pleasure to deal with, to do what we say, listen carefully to any requirements and give best advice. We aim to always do better than expected and to add significant value to our customers. Since our foundation in 1989 we have grown our interests world-wide with companies and divisions formed dedicated to market sectors and geographical locations. We are a private limited company owned by three individuals although all employees have share options. We are located near the world famous city of Cambridge, in the United Kingdom in a superb rural location with good road and rail and airport connections.

Benzene pre-filter Tubes

Accessories for Gas measurement

The benzene pre-filter tubes, compatible with the Tiger Select and to attach at the top of the insstrument, ensure rapid...
Price €109.20


Accessories for Gas measurement

CalCheck provides simple, fast and dependable self-calibration in cc/sec leak rates of Ion Science leak detectors ensuring...
Price €1,911.00

Calibrated leaks

Accessories for Gas measurement

Standard calibrated leaks are made to individual pressure and leak rate specifications.
Price €773.50

Cub - Personal VOC detector

Gas detectors

Cub is a personal VOC detector with leading PID technology worn within the breathing zone to detect volatile organic compounds,...
Price €1,365.00

Falco - Fixed VOC detector

Gas detectors

Falco is the latest generation of fixed VOC detectors that continuously detect a wide range of volatile organic compounds...
Price €3,348.80

Falco Pumped - Fixed VOC...

Gas detectors

Falco is the latest generation of fixed VOC detectors that continuously detect a wide range of volatile organic compounds...
Price €4,732.00

Formaldemeter htV-m -...

Gas detectors

The Formaldemeter htV-m offers a three-parameter monitoring for the detection of low levels of formaldehyde vapors in extreme...
Price €2,430.40

GasCheck G - Portable leak...

Gas detectors

Gas leak detector for rapid and accurate gas leak measurement, particularly sensitive to ammonia, argon, butane, helium,...
Price €3,212.30

GasCheck Tesla - Handheld...

Gas detectors

GasCheck Tesla is a highly sensitive helium leak detector designed for effective use within high magnetic fields found around...
Price €4,204.20

MVI - Portable mercury...

Gas detectors

MVI is a portable mercury vapour detector that accurately detects mercury in just three seconds. MVI does not saturate or need...
Price €9,045.40

SF6 AreaCheck P2 - Fixed...

Gas detectors

The SF6 AreaCheck P2 is an award winning, highly sensitive leak detector designed for continuous area monitoring, protecting...
Price €5,878.60

SF6 Leakmate - Handheld...

Gas detectors

The SF6 Leakmate is a low-cost, handheld detector for the fast and accurate detection of SF6 leaks.
Price €1,219.40

Tiger - VOC Detector

Gas detectors

Tiger provides rapid, accurate detection of VOCS with exceptional resistance to humidity and contamination.
Price €4,058.60

Tiger LT - VOC Detector


Tiger LT is a lower cost variant of the leading Tiger handheld VOC detector, offering an entry level alternative whilst...
Price €3,121.30

Tiger Select - Benzene and...

Gas detectors

Rapidly detects benzene and total aromatic compounds (TACs) providing the most accurate, reliable data available.
Price €6,533.80

TVOC2 - Fixed VOC detector

Gas detectors

TVOC 2 is a fixed, continuous VOC detector for the fast, accurate detection and measurement of total volatile organic compounds...
Price €2,611.70