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List of products by brand SGM Lektra

Since 1977, SGM LEKTRA has manufactured instruments for the measurement and control in industrial processes and in the integrated water cycle. SGM LEKTRA offers instruments for measuring flow, pressure, level, field communication and complete automation solutions.

The original production unit in Rodano (Milan) is now complemented by the recent acquisition of a similar unit located in Shanghai (China) which took the name of Our portfolio consists of a wide range of products, designed to meet process requirements with continual product development to meet changing market requirements.

The continuous development and research of new technologies to improve and expand our range of products is an integral part of our business. For this reason, the R & D laboratory in Italy, who is recognized by MIUR (Ministry of the University and Research)


Management system – DEKRA – ISO 9001:2008
Production quality assurance notification – ICEPI – Ex Proof

KPT - Gauge or absolute...


The units of the KPT series are aimed at aqueduct applications and installations on food plants: a result particularly suitable...
Price €140.13

METER - Ultrasonic level...


The METER unit offers, together with its compact size, a complete versions range that makes the METER very versatile for the...
Price €409.75

RPMAG - Electromagnetic...


Flow meter for conductive and chemically aggressive liquids.
Price €896.56

RSL 100 - Diapason level...


Suitable for control of liquids such as oils, water, paints and transparent inks, sauces, milk, liquids containing carbon...
Price €207.81

RSL200 - Powders and...


The RSL200 compact tuning-fork switches level running the thresholds level control with powder or granules medium.
Price €261.25

SGM-100T - Digital...


SGM-100T utilizes the transit time principle to obtain a precision measure.
Price €248.75

SGM-101F - Transit time...


SGM-101F it's a transit time ultrasonic flowmeter.
Price €1,395.84

SGM-200H - Portable time...


SGM-200H it's a portable time transit ultrasonic flowmeter (up to 48 hours of battery life).
Price €1,795.50