METER - Ultrasonic level transmitter

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Non intrusive system application is now preferred in the level measurements field. For this reason the SGM-LEKTRA developed the METER unity to best meet the "GENERAL-PURPOSE" application requests.

It is a measurement principle that works without contact with the product to be measured: the sensor sends short ultrasonic pulses that are reflected from the surface of the product and again picked up by the sensor itself. From the exact measurement of the time between the emission of the impulse and the reception of the echo we obtain the distance from the surface and consequently the measure of the level. An internal digital temperature sensor corrects the measurement according to the air temperature. These ultrasonic level transmitters are suitable for measurements on liquids and granulates for distances up to 12 meters.

The METER unit offers, together with its compact size, a complete versions range that makes the METER very versatile for the most varied applications, including areas with explosion hazard and chemically aggressive environments. METER is an ultrasonic level transmitter, temperature-compensated and suitable for connection with MODBUS RTU (only 4 wires vers.) or HART (option only for 2-wire vers.) acquisition systems. METER is a compact unit which in addition to an analog output includes two freely addressable relay (only 4 wires vers).

METER ultrasonic level transmitters have four configuration and calibration modes (available depending on the model):

  • 1. using the VL601 programming module that can be switched on and off on board the METER (the module is equipped with a large matrix LCD display);
  • 2. via MODBUS RTU via PC with USB / RS485 interface and 010F105A communication softwarer;
  • 3. via HART, via Hand-Held or a HART modem connected to a PC with SW 010E105A;
  • 4. via BLUETOOTH via Android App (4-wire version only).


  • Contactless level measurements
  • Suitable for liquids and granulates level measurement
  • Integrated digital temperature sensor to compensate the measure
  • 12Vdc; 24Vdc power supply
  • Mechanical protection: IP67/IP68 (sensor)
  • Output: 1 4÷20mA analog output, 2 relays output (4-wires vers.)
  • ATEX II 1/2G Ex ia II C T6 Tamb -20÷+60°C
  • HART or MODBUS RTU com. protocol
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SGM Lektra
±0,2% (of the measured distance) not better than ±3mm
From -30°C to +70°C (+80°C non continuous)
4 buttons or via HART/MODBUS RTU or via Android App
Classificazione IP
IP67 / IP68 (sensor)
2-wire: 20÷30 Vdc / 4-wire: 24Vdc / 2-wire - 5 meters: 12Vdc
Internal push connectors
From 0,5 to 1,5 bar
4÷20mA, max 750ohm (4-wire)
Max measure range
Max 0.25÷6m,. max 0.40÷10m
5 minutes typical

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