SGM-600P - Portable area velocity flowmeter

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Ideal for flow measurement in partially filled pipes without power supply

The SGM-600F is suitable for flow measurement in partially filled pipes, drainage channels, man-made channels, waterways, drainage ducts, etc. The instrument is composed of a flow calculator, a speed transducer (with a doppler effect) and level. SGM-600F can display speed, level, flow rate and totalizer. It can record flow and total flow data on an SD card up to 16 GB.

SGM-600F can calculate the cross-sectional area of partially filled pipes, open channel or river, and up to 20 coordinate points can be entered to describe cross-section of the river or channel with irregular shape. The velocity and level transducer integrates in it the instruments for measuring water speed, depth and temperature.

SGM-600F is an indispensable instrument for flow measurement in all those applications where there is no hydraulic projection in the channel or in the pipe.

SGM Lektra
± 2%
0,021 - 4,5 m/s
Classificazione IP
Transmitter: IP66. Transducer: IP68
Battery autonomy
40 h

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