CLS6 - Compact capacitive level switch

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Suitable for liquids, bulk solids and powders

Suitable for the control of solid granules or powders, conductive and non-conductive liquids, even with the presence of foam.

CLS6 is designed for universal use in tanks, pipes, silos, hoppers and anything else that requires product presence/absence control.
The mass reference integrated in the sensor makes CLS6 also suitable for application in tanks, pipes, etc. made of plastic material.
Calibration/configuration can be performed, without the need for optional accessories, using an on-board button that can be activated with any metal object such as, for example, the tip of a screwdriver.

The multicolored LED indicates the different switching conditions simplifying the verification of the process conditions.

Thanks to the active area coated with PEEK, it ensures poor adhesion of the product to the sensor surface.

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Classificazione IP
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