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KPT - Gauge or absolute pressure transmitters

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The units of the KPT series are aimed at aqueduct applications and installations on food plants: a result particularly suitable for measurements in liquids, gases and vapors with male / female threaded connections, sanitary and vacuum clamps.

KPT is suitable for continuous liquids level measurement: typical application are waste water and deep wells. KPT is a pressure transmitter which can be used for the liquids, gases, and vapors measurement. The small size pressure transducer offers maximum operational reliability. KPT is an inexpensive solution for many different applications in all industrial process control.


  • 2-wired 4÷20mA transmitter
  • Pressure Classification: absolute, negative, gauge
  • Accuracy: on request 0.25%
  • Heavy applications suitable
  • Any position installable
  • Compact transmitter
SGM Lektra
From -30°C to +120°C
Absolute pressure: max. 0 ÷ 25bar (0 ÷ 2,5MPa), min. 0 ÷ 1bar (0 ÷ 100kPa)
Gauge pressure: max. 0 ÷ 400bar (0 ÷ 40MPa), min. 0 ÷ 0.1bar (0 ÷ 10kPa)
Negative pressure: max. -1 ÷ +39bar (-0.1 ÷ 3,9MPa), min. -0.2 ÷ 0,2bar (-20 ÷ 20kPa)
Classificazione IP
12÷42Vdc (2-wires)
> ±0.1%FS 12 months

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