Sound Level Meter (1st Class) and Outdoor Kit PCE-430

Sound Level Meter (1st Class) and Outdoor Kit PCE-430

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Sound Level Meter (1st Class) and...

Sound Level Meter (1st Class) and Outdoor Kit PCE-430



Outdoor Noise Measurement Kit:

A 1st-class tool for noise measurement and frequency analysis with an optional kit for outdoor measurements. Featuring USB interface, datalogger, A, B, C, Z weighting, and Fast, Slow, Impulse, Peak analysis. Certified compliant with standards (1st class, EN/IEC 61672, ANSI S1.4-1983, ANSI S1.43-1997 EN/IEC61260, etc.). Ideal for workplace noise measurement, regulatory compliance, environmental noise monitoring, and more.


The outdoor noise measurement kit is compatible with the PCE-430 sound level meter. It includes a waterproof Peli case with wheels, charger, and lead-acid batteries for 10 days of autonomy. The case remains closed during outdoor measurements, protecting electronic components. It includes microphone protection, tripod, waterproof charger, and GPS receiver (for the PCE-432 model). Perfect for outdoor measurements regardless of weather conditions.

20 Items
Battery life
Minimum 10 hours
22 ... 136 db(A)
4 x 1.5V AA batteries; 12V/1A power supply; 5V/1A USB
4GB micro SD card
LXY(SPL), LXeq, LXYSD, LXSEL, LXE, LXYmax, LXYmin, LXPeak, LXN; X - Frequency Weighting: A, B, C, Z; Y - Time Weighting: F, S, I; N - Statistics in %: 1 ... 99%
Cable length
Microphone cable: 2 m with TNC connector; Power cable: 2 m with PowerCon TRU
1st Class
Frequency range
3 Hz ... 20 kHz
GB/T3785.1-2010; GB/T3785.2-2010; IEC60651:1979; IEC60804:2000; IEC61672-1:2013; ANSI S1.4-1983; ANSI S1.43-1997
1/2" 1st class; Sensitivity: 40 mV/PA; Frequency range: 3 Hz ... 20 kHz; Connection: TNC; Power supply: ICCP; Standard

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