RPMAG - Electromagnetic flow meter with data logger built-in and Bluetooth

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Lining material

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RPmag flowmeter is suitable for all of applications into “industrial process”. Various materials for lining are available as well as electrodes made of tantalum, hastelloy c, titanium. Most common communication systems such as Modbus, Hart and by means of an app for Android smartphone via Bluetooth.

RPMAG has an integrated data logger for the recording of the measurements over time. It consist in an USB pen drive which is inserted behind the removable O-LED display VL701. The recorded data are stored into a TXT file which is compatible with Excel or other equivalent analisys software packages.

Main advantages:

  • bidirectional measurement;
  • extreme reliability;
  • excellent precision;
  • no moving parts;
  • no loss of pressure measures independently of the pressure, temperature, density and viscosity of the body.

With this extremely reliable measuring technique, standard measurement accuracy of 0.5% is achieved on the measured value, with the possibility of pushing accuracy to 0.2%. The calibration of the units is carried out individually on the bench certified at international level in compliance with European regulations.


  • For conductive liquids (>5μS/cm), even with a content of suspended solids
  • Range from <0,1m3/h to >110000m3/h
  • MODUS, HART and BLUETOOTH communication protocol (opt.)
  • Best measurement accuracy ±0.2%
  • Power Supply 85÷265Vac, 12 or 24Vdc
  • 4÷20mA, pulse and alarm output
  • RUBBER or PTFE lining material
  • Electrodes: SS316L; Hastelloy C; Titanium; Tantalum; Platinum
  • Datalogger
  • Third electrode for grounding 
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SGM Lektra
PTFE DN10 ÷ DN500 / GOMMA DN65 ÷ DN2000
RPmag is able to process signals from fl uids with fl ow rates of up to 10m / s in both directions (bidirectional meter)
Response time
Adjustable between 1 and 99 seconds
±0,5% standard; ±0,2% optional
Data logging
Internal data logger to USB pen drive for fl ow measurements and analog inputs storing; the measurement storage interval can be set from 15 to 3600 seconds
Classificazione IP
Electrodes material: SS316L - Hastelloy C - Titanium - Tantalum - Platinum
0-100% RH to 150 °F (65 °C), not condensing
4÷20mA: 0÷500Ω Frequency output: 0,1÷10000 Hz
Max measure range
<0,1m3/h ÷ >110000m3/h
Power consumption
Typical 6W, max. 8W
Fluid conductivity
Input signals
RPmag has 2 active analog inputs at 24Vdc for 2-wire transmitters connection (eg. Temperature or pressure) and a digital input for an external contact connection for the integrated batch function restart

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