VLW90M - Level control, flow rates, pump automation

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VLW90M, a single unit suitable for different applications.Level measurements, difference between levels, open channel fl ow (hydraulic jump)

and pumps control.Different measurement functions directly settable via the keyboard. VLW90M can be connected to ultrasonic sensors and/

or to 4÷20mA level transmitters. VLW90M has been developed for the connection to 1 or 2 MODBUS sensors, but it can support up to 8 PTU,

METER,RPL81 or KTU units if externally powered. A remarkable note is the data logger on removable pen-drive, which enables the total

traceability of the measurements. It is particularly suitable for the analysis of the flow rate timing in open channel applications.

SGM Lektra
Data logging
via Pen Drive USB
2 analog output 4÷20mA, 2 open collector digital output
Input signals
2 analog input 4÷20mA; 2 digital input (max. 24Vdc 10mA)
2 open channel flow measurements, 2 volume measurements, 1 differential level measurement

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