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RSL 100 - Diapason level switch for liquids

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Suitable for control of liquids such as oils, water, paints and transparent inks, sauces, milk, liquids containing carbon dioxide, oil foaming. RSL100 is designed as a shortcut to 2 / 3 wires and for universal use in tanks and pipes.

The level switch for liquids works on the principle of the tuning fork in the air at a resonance frequency. A piezoelectric crystal is used for the excitation of the oscillation and to control the frequency. When the tuning fork is immersed in liquid, the frequency changes: this change is detected electronically and changes the exit signal. The device operates as a two-wire switch in series with the load. The simple electronic switch is operated by the liquid. The probe can also be connected to a PLC through a third terminal. The output signal can be controlled by approaching a magnet at the PVDF.


  • Level control in contact
  • Suitable for liquids control
  • Material: PVDF / SS316
  • Connections: G 1”; G 3/4”; G 1/2” DIN 2999
  • IP66
  • Hysteresis: 4mm vertical, horizontal 1mm
  • Output: Contact NPN/PNP, relay SPST NO
  • Power Supply: 12 ÷ 35 Vdc
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SGM Lektra
Response time
1 sec voltage/clean 1 sec clean/voltage
Max 70°C
Classificazione IP
40 bar tra -20°C e +70°C
Process connections
G 1”; G 3/4”; G 1/2” DIN 2999
0.5 A max (5A per 40 ms)
Drop voltage
4.5 V a 500 mA 10 V a 7.5 mA
5000 cst max a 25°C
4 mm vertical, 1 mm horizontal
± 1 mm

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