SGM-101H- Portable time transit ultrasonic flowmeter

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The SGM-101H flowmeters operate on the ultrasonic pulses transit time difference principle. The great advantage is the mechanical installation, because it is not necessary to cut the pipe.

The sensors are simply clamped on the outer pipe surface, for this reason the pressure and the liquid aggressiveness to be measured are not a problem for the flowmeter. The system measures in a bidirectional way and is suitable for clean or slightly dirty liquids.

The SGM-101H it's a portable model, with a battery life of up to 6 hours.


  • For conductive and non-conductive liquids
  • Range from DN25 to DN1200 (depending on the sensors)
  • Datalogger on SD or SDHC card
  • Battery life 6h
  • Output 4-20mA and MODBUS RTU
  • LCD color display

Types of transducers

The model on sale can be paired with transducers. The transducers are always supplied with 5m cables and are suitable for temperature and pipe's diameter ranges. Transducers with rule are simpler to install since the distance between the sensors is defined by the rule.

What's included

  • Palmtop with sim card for data acquisition and saving
  • Sensor gel
  • Power supply to recharge the palmtop

With the transducers, the 5mt cable is included along with the fixing straps.

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SGM Lektra
Max ±20 m/s
Battery life
Up to 6 hours
Data logging
SD card
3.5”, 320x240pixel, 65536 colors
Istantaneous flowrate, flow totalizer

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